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Our STONED community is all about celebrating individuality and there’s nothing we love more than seeing how you style, mix and match our marble treasures at home. That’s why we would love to share your photo’s: Let’s be inspired and inspire others!

When confirming the use of a photo with #yesSTONED you agree to the following few terms and conditions:


You give STONED permission to use any images tagged #yesSTONED on stonedmarble.com     and shop.stonedmarble.com. The agreement is non-exclusive and royalty-free

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STONED will at no time claim ownership rights for these photos, and only has the right to use them for marketing purposes on our website www.stonedmarble.com and shop.stonedmarble.com as well as on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)

All image rights remain with you

Every person depicted in your photos also agrees to our use of the photos and the use of the photos by STONED does not infringe upon the rights of any third party nor does it violate in any way any other relevant, valid rights

We look forward to sharing your photos and having you join our community!